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At CyberOptic Group, we believe that knowledge, plus action, equals power. The Internet provides an enormous amount of information to those who understand it. With proper guidance you can turn this information into the power to achieve your strategic corporate objectives.

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CyberOptic Group News & Announcements

 ~ NEW! June 2, 2004 - CyberOptic Group announces a new way to connect with customers and prospects using PhoneClicksTM web call-back service. PhoneClicks lets customers and prospects call you on the telephone from your web site and emails. » View Press Release.

 ~ NEW! February 14, 2004 - CyberOptic Group releases its real-time Web Traffic Analyzer traffic reporting and click analysis software with Return-on-Investment (ROI) for web traffic and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

 ~ December 15, 2003 - CyberOptic Group announces for general availability Digital Rights DirectorTM copyright protection for streaming
and downloadable media. » View Press Release.

~ April 12, 2003 - CyberOptic Group announces Sales Seeker and launches low cost automated email marketing and relationship management system.

~ August 18, 2002 - Cohesion launches PPL Assure service for Pre-Paid Legal Associates to allow processing of web applications.

~ May 15, 2002 - CyberOptic Group Launches Cohesion Software to develop customized, web-based automated marketing and business management solutions.

~ August 19, 1998 - CyberOptic Group Incorporates in the State of Florida.

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PhoneClicks web-to-phone live callback.  Internet phone calls from emails and web pages - Perfect for restaurants, travel, customer service, technical support, and online sales


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